Post Natal

Post Natal

Motherhood is a wonderful time of your life but it does take its toll on our bodies during pregnancy, labour and now that we’re caring for every need of the new addition to the family. If this isn’t your first baby then there’s even more demand on you! Everyone gets told after childbirth to ‘do your pelvic floor exercises’ . Let’s be honest, most of us do initially but once our bodies are virtually back to normal we tend to give up because life is so busy and our minds are always running wild trying to juggle a million different things.

How your body changes while Pregnant?

Abdominal muscles stretch massively during pregnancy and do not snap back into place immediately (although for some lucky women, they do appear to). Two-thirds of women will experience a split in their rectus abdominis (the external abdominal muscle – six-pack muscle), for some this will return to its original position with no additional effort required. For others, it requires careful progressions through a well-designed exercise programme to bring the sides of the muscles back together. Some women’s split will not completely zip up, this can be due to having a wide split in the first place, exercising too early at a relatively high intensity or simply due to lower elasticity in the muscles.

The pelvic floor will go through big changes and can take time to recover. Ideally, women need to do pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy, and as soon as able after birth to help it get back into place.

Pain in the pelvis during pregnancy can still remain after giving birth as the hormone relaxin continues to circulate around the body for several months after birth. In addition to all of this, there can be added complications if the woman has had a c-section or stitches!

Don’t worry many of these problems can be resolved within weeks of giving birth! However, full re-modelling of the tissues can take up to 18 months.

Pilates can help with all of these problems and is also a relaxing way to get back into exercise postnatally.

Pilates is a wonderful way to exercise our pelvic floor, core, gluteals and even our upper body and neck, which suffer from stiffness caused by the strains of motherhood. Not only will Pilates give your body back the strength and control it needs (whether this is the last time you plan on having a baby or if you’re planning on having more children), it will aim to improve your muscle tone getting rid of the dreaded ‘Mummy Tummy.’

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Mummy Tummy Programme

My name’s Kate and I gave birth to my first child in April 2017. I’m a Physiotherapist and a qualified Pilates instructor, having completed a specific course on Ante and Post Natal Pilates. My son was a big baby weighing in at 8 pounds 11 ounces and we’ve had a busy year but being a Mummy is the best job in the world. I did, however, ensure that I made time for myself to get my pelvic floor and core back into shape, I was lucky enough to know exactly how to get these muscles working again and the importance of this to my body. I want to help you achieve your goals, feel proud of your body and get the strength back that you deserve.

The ‘Mummy Tummy Programme’ is a brand new programme that we’re offering at Mend Physio. It comprises of 2, one to one sessions where we go through a thorough history and introduce you to Pilates and some of the basic exercises.

The last 4 sessions are group sessions with a maximum of 5 clients in the group whereby we work through a Pilates class at each session, directed at Post Natal needs.

Take advantage of this brand new programme and the introductory rate that we are offering.

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