About You

By working with the Mend Method we can help you with getting better..staying better and being better than ever.

Whether you are a weekend warrior, a post-baby mum getting back in shape, or a 50 plus who wants to stay well then Mend Physio can help!

Maybe you are in pain? or have suffered an injury? Don’t suffer in pain, Mend can help you by:

  • Thoroughly and carefully assessing you
  • Explain your problem
  • Fix you as quickly as possible
  • Show you how to stay pain-free

Go to our Conditions page and find your injury, or contact Mend Physio about getting a personalised recovery program in place.

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Physiotherapy Enquiries

If you are not sure a physiotherapist can help you, we will always welcome your enquiry.

Specialist Referrals

If our physiotherapists feel that you may need surgery or another form of treatment, we will quickly refer you to the correct person.  We will always aim to get you back to feeling well again as soon as possible.

Call 01869 340690 for an appointment