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After a serious accident in the workplace I was left with Mobility problems and the prospect of returning to some form of employment looking a long way off.   I had undergone physio under the NHS but sadly this had come to an end .   I was then referred to Mend and had a consultation with Helen Taylor

From this point my rehabilitation took on a new level ! Helen listened to my concerns and physical problems I was encountering on a daily basis. Helen then structured a treatment program around my capabilities with a focus on improving my function in the injury site.  As I regained function Helen then designed a bespoke gym program to help with my overall physical fitness which had suffered due to my immobility.  This was a turning point for me and allowed me to regain my independence once more and return to activities I had participated in prior to injury .There was a focus on the physical aspects of my job which has enabled me to return to work and get life back to normality .

I will be forever gratefull to Helen and the Mend team.

Dominic Burton.


When I went to Helen, I could barely move my right arm.  She suggested I get an ultrasound scan (which took an age!) but once she had the diagnosis from that, she gave me targeted exercises which resulted in my recovering almost complete mobility in my arm and shoulder; hugely alleviating the pain, and NOT having to have a cortisone injection, as the GP and I had thought I would have to.  Helen was clear in her directions, and also listened to how many exercises I knew I could realistically commit to.  I cannot recommend her too highly.  THANK YOU!

Jilly Gartside

I would like to say thank you to Helen Taylor for her treatment when I developed a  painful lower back and hip. I got up one morning and couldn’t stran up.  I am usually very fit so this was frightening and the pain was extreme and keeping me awake at night.  After the first treatment the  pain was significantly less, after the second treatment and doing the exercises, I could  stand up straight. I am about to have my third  session  and I am hopeful  I will soon be walking again without pain.   Thank you so much  for the very effective treatment I have received.     Helen you are a star!!   Sincere thanks ,  Dot K

I’d had a pain in my shoulder which I couldn’t shift for about two years when I at last went to see Helen at Mend Physio. I was really surprised at how quickly she was able to diagnose what was wrong and give me an explanation for what must have happened for me to get in this state. The exercises she gave began to improve things right from the start, and now, three months later – provided I keep up the exercises regularly – I’m free of pain. A great result!

Phil Mansell

I had been having lower back pain on and off for a few months and finally decided to go to Mend Physio when it had become constant for over two weeks. I saw Helen in the clinic and she very quickly diagnosed the problem and treated me. After just this one treatment my back pain disappeared and it has been fine since. Wish I had gone before!

Deb Hunt


Inspiration….. I was referred to Helen after finding out that my lower back muscles were literally wasting away, now I have got to admit I was a bit (ok a lot of a coach potato) and I am overweight but it was the thought of being to get my life back and being able to walk that made me make the decision to do something about it. I have got to admit that my first appointment was a bit of a scary experience – going into Bannatynes Gym and see rows of people working out on the equipment but don’t let that put you off, Helen adapts the physio to your own needs and you work hard but you soon get to use the equipment yourself and you find out it’s not really scary at all. I still have a bit to go but I am finding that my back is getting stronger and something I would have never ever thought would happen is that I actually wanted to join a gym and I have !! My friend has also set me a challenge to do the 5k Walk for Life in 2014 so now I am working towards that as part of my get fitter and my life back (excuse the pun). Although I wanted to get myself better Helen has encouraged me and given me the motivation to carry on the good work.

Vanessa Boyce


I was delighted to meet Helen Taylor of Mend Physiotherapy at Bannatyne’s Health Spa in Banbury a few months ago.  I damaged my knee in a fall two years ago but pain had increased rather than subsided over time and my movement was becoming severely restricted.  The only medical advice I had received was to take painkillers so I decided to look for help and read some excellent testimonials about Helen’s work. Helen diagnosed that my kneecap had been pushed out of alignment in the fall and with the passage of time my muscles were no longer working correctly to keep it in position.  With Helen’s skill and me following a regime of exercise she planned I am pleased to say that my knee and movement have been transformed and for this I am so grateful to Helen.  She is a delightful person and a highly competent physiotherapist.  JM


Thank you Helen for your treatment on my neck and shoulder.  Before I went to see Helen I spent £500.00 on different treatment without any success.

From my recent scan I now know I have a disc out in my neck.  My consultant was very happy with Helen’s treatment and guidance on using equipment in the gym.  Some of the previous treatment I had was at the hospital, only to be told it was bad posture which started to shatter my confidence.

Going to see Helen was the only way to recovery and living a more pain free life.  My problem with my neck will come and go at different stages but at least I do know where I can go for help.  Helen has offered me a free consultation to make sure I am using the exercise equipment correctly.

Helen was very friendly and made you feel at ease.

Ann Mack


Just a note to say thank you for the treatment I have received from you over the last couple of months. In just 4 visits and by following the program you set for me, my back is now stronger than it has ever been and I am pain free!  I have had a “dodgy” back for years and have visited numerous physiotherapists and osteopaths in the past with varying degrees of success. I would have to say that you are the best of all the practitioners that I have used and the only other one that comes close was a physio I visited 25 years ago who worked with the British Olympic Team.

Thanks again Helen, if my back plays up again I know who to turn to for help but it feels so good at the moment that it won’t be anytime soon.

G. Westwood

I just want to thank you for all of your help with my shoulder rehab.
The work we did was just what was required – those pool sessions helped massively.
My shoulder is doing great now and is nearly as strong as my right shoulder – still working on getting the deltoid a big stronger.
I’ve taken up Kayaking (!) which is a great way of keeping it active and the surgeon is really pleased with how it looks at the moment.

Thank you so much for all of your support and for squeezing me into your schedule.

Best wishes,

Helen, I came to you with a very painful hip, but you diagnosed that the problems were from my  back. With manipulations and an exercise program there has been a great improvement in my movements, and once again I can enjoy walking and the gym classes.


I have been receiving physiotherapy treatment from Helen Taylor for the last six weeks in order to address the pain and reduced movement in my right hip/buttock region, thought to have emanated from a severe bout of Sciatica. There has been a steady improvement over this time to the point where the discomfort is now negligible.

Helen has proved to be a very pleasant and personable physiotherapist who performs her skills in a wholly efficient and timely manner.

C W Hicks

Thanks for sorting out my Soleus Muscle in my right leg. You also had to teach me how to walk properly and sort out the top of my stiff back. I entered a golf tournament today – 34 Stapleford points (I won!!).

Thanks again Helen

A Brown

Helen Taylor has helped me tremendously and enabled me to manage my condition and to return to normal living after I had a major operation. In October 2008 I had an emergency operation at the J.R. in Oxford, to release a trapped spinal cord, prior to which I was paralysed from the neck down. The surgery was to prevent my symptoms getting worse. As it was, the surgery was a major success and I was able to use my limbs again. My recuperation involved post operative tests including MRI and Ultra Sound together with 12 hours of pain management.  However, I was unable to do some of the things which I did pre operation, including golf, and I needed to understand how to manage my condition and what exercises I should do.

Helen identified the key exercise requirements for me, concentrating on improving my balance and building my core muscles. Helen also gave me an understanding of my condition, the purpose of specific exercises and the planned result. It was also important for me to have regular exercise and as such I go to the gym some 3 times a week.

There is no doubt that Helen has given me an excellent personal  exercise programme which has enabled me to return to golf,  which I would never have done without her help. In May 2011 I played 18 holes on 2 consecutive days and now I can concentrate on trying to play good golf.

Thank you Helen.

Mike N.

When I first joined Bannatyne’s Health Club last August I had the usual free 15 minute check-up by the qualified physiotherapist, Helen Taylor, from Mend. At first she suspected my backache was the result of multiple bowel surgery I had in the 1990’s, so I agreed to a private consultation with her at the Club and was given some very effective pain-diminishing exercises. This February I was diagnosed at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Hospital in Oxford with mild Ankylosing Spondylitis, which was causing the increasing back pain. Though booked in for physiotherapy on the NHS, I knew my first appointment might take months, so again had two more private sessions with Helen, who gave me additional exercises including some in the swimming pool. As a result, and because now I am on anti-inflammatory pills, as long as I continue my exercises and work out about 3 times per week at the gym, I feel fit, well, and hardly bothered by back pain. When I did, recently, have my NHS consultation, there was very little that could be added to what I was already doing. I was complimented on “getting it right”.  I believe it is all thanks to Helen’s professional advice and friendly guidance that I now know how to keep this potentially crippling illness at bay.

J S,  Banbury

Following a knee replacement in Dec 2009, an Achilles tear in the same leg in May 2010 and being discharged from the NHS in July 2010 with a list of exercises that proved futile to my recovery, in February 2011 I approached Helen Taylor, at Mend in an effort to find a way forward to recovery.

I was unable to walk properly and certainly playing golf again seemed a long way off. Helen carried out an assessment of my physical situation and a plan of recovery was compiled. Helen, together with David, a personal trainer, devised how to assist me to recover from my injuries and lead me to a normal active life. During the initial period I was taught to begin to walk properly and then David lead me through an intensive fitness program including posture realignment. It is now May 2011 and my left leg is now well on the way to recovery. I now walk so much better, my fitness has improved tremendously and I have lost a lot of the weight I put on through comfort eating. I have resumed playing the occasional game of golf and this has lead me to believe I will make a full recovery but most of all I have peace of mind.

None of this would have been possible without Helen, who still keeps an eye on my progress, and David who is still pushing me all the way. Going to Mend for assistance and help was the best move I could have made and I’m so glad I did it.

M Hughes -Banbury

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