Mend Method

The Mend Method is a tried and tested 4 step process taking you from getting better to staying better to better than ever…

Step 1:
Meet and Discover:

We understand that everyone is different, no two patients are ever the same. At Mend, we know that the way to guarantee an effective and lasting improvement is thru really getting a detailed and sound understanding of you, and your problem. At this stage, we meet with you and get to discover the diagnosis, cause and remedy for your problem. The human body is wonderful and complex, in this session, we are able to put the pieces of the puzzle into an intelligent and meaningful order. Once this has been completed we can develop a super effective route to lasting improvement.

Step 2:
Educate, Empower, Engage:

In step 2 we build foundations. We will show and teach you where your body is not performing as it should ( a clue here: the bit that hurts may not be the real villain of the piece). As a result of our thorough stage 1 session, we now know what needs to be done to build those all-important foundations. Empowering you to understand where to place your efforts. Engaging that all-important foundation work will be the basis of all recovery. You will start to discover muscles you never knew existed!

Step 3:
Nudge and Nurture:

The body improves when we give it the correct commands. Too much and it will break down, not enough and it doesn’t respond. So the key (like Goldilocks and her porridge) lies in getting just the right amount of input to get that all-important sweet spot where the recovery magic happens. Nudging and nurturing is a process, whereby we follow the best scientific evidence to enhance your recovery. In addition to the treatment, you receive in the clinic, we will be guiding and prompting you to ensure you stay on track for your best results.

Step 4:
Daily habits:

Ok, so we all know what happens when you go on a diet, all good intentions until the scales start to look vaguely acceptable, then, oops, just happened to pop that nasty jam doughnut into my mouth, and so the slippery slope begins. We find that often the same situation occurs with our clients, to tackle this we will provide you with some key things that you can do daily in order to stay well now you are well. We keep in touch with you and monitor and make all important progressions, as well as make sure there are no potential issues that may be lurking ( a little like a visit to the hygienist, or getting a car service)

All of our treatment bundles follow the Mend Method. Giving you access to scientifically proven, up to date recovery programs.

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